Discovering and Exploring the Leaf-feeding Insects in Our Region

Pacific Northwest (PNW) Defoliators

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Identify Defoliators on: Conifer, Pine, Cedar and Evergreens

Species listed here are the most common defoliators of conifer, pine, cedar and evergreen trees in the Puget Sound region. The defoliation of these trees are mainly caused by species that feed on the needle and aren't covered in depth here as most are secretive and uncommon. One tent-maker, the Silver spotted tiger moth, is common on Douglas fir and hemlock in the region. The larva are usually small and hidden during the winter months (Feb.-March) while they grow. Most often tent defoliators are noticed in the early spring (April).

Species are listed from most widespread and abundant to least common and or of limited distribution (2007 data).

Tent makers
tent makers
Species When Where Status
  Silver-spotted tiger moth
Lophocampa argentata
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